Healing Love and Hope for the Holidays

My husband and I experienced our first pregnancy loss in November 2016, a few days before Thanksgiving. We went to our routine appointment and our OB could not find the baby’s heartbeat. Everything was happening so quickly and seemed so unreal, but it was very real and devastating. The thought of having a miscarriage was not really on our radar since we had a successful birth with our son, and we were just pass the first trimester.

This November marked one year since our first miscarriage. Thanksgiving and Christmas were extremely tough and a bit depressing last year. Prior to the miscarriage those holidays were met with much anticipation, happiness, and joy. The pain and heartbreak was still there this Thanksgiving, I don’t suppose you ever forget, nor do I want to. She was our baby girl. What has truly helped me navigate my healing journey is allowing myself to feel the pain, my faith, and sharing my story.

One of the organizations that I reached out to about my candle project was the Cade Foundation. I learned about the Cade Foundation some years ago after Dr. Camille Hammond shared her story and invited me to foundation events. Honestly before hearing her story and the story of those she helps, I really didn’t hear people talk openly about infertility and the struggles with starting or adding to their family. Dr. Hammond recently wrote a book that provided me with even more information that was very helpful as we explore our next steps.

After our second loss I found it therapeutic and necessary to complete a passion project. I created a candle to help bring awareness and support to those who experienced loss. My "Healing, Love, and Hope" candle is available for purchase https://www.fathiasavory.com/healing-love-hope

Each candle purchased provides support and care packages to those who have experienced loss.

**Fathia Savory donated one Healing Love and Hope basket including one of her hand crafted candles, a $50 gift card to About Faces spa, a pair of warm fuzzy socks, a packet of tea and a packet of tissues.  The basket is combined with an "Angel Baby" charm donated by the Midnight Orange artist Dana Truesdale and is available at our Holiday Silent Auction at https://www.32auctions.com/CadeBlackFriday2017.