Spilling the Tea

Information Education and POWER!!

Infertility is hard - and having little knowledge about different ways to build your family makes this disease almost unbearable. To better equip families for fighting infertility- Cade Foundation holds FREE education programming throughout the nation. We include fertility doctors, adoption agencies, mental health providers, lawyers who assist with adoption and ART contracts (egg donor, gestational carrier) and sometimes even faith leaders in our programs. Our experts are located in the communities that we hold our outreach events in so that families can get to know their local resources. Our goal is to help families understand the cause of their infertility as well as to learn about all of their options for building their families. Examples of topics covered in our outreach events include:

  • 1) What causes infertility?
  • 2) What are common treatments (medical) for infertility?
  • 3) What types of things are needed to adopt a child from this country?
  • 4) What is required (legally) for a family who needs a "surrogate" to carry a baby?
  • 5) How does one become a foster parent?
  • 6) What does the bible say about infertility?
  • 7) What is child free living?
  • 9) How can you "preserve" your fertility if you want a child but aren't in a position to get pregnant just yet?
  • 8) What local supports are in my community to help me cope with infertility?

Please join us! Registration is always encouraged. Some of the events are event webinars to allow more people to participate. One more great note about these events- if you register for a Cade for the Family or Brew for the Family event that is scheduled for that community- you will receive one additional door prize or raffle entry for that event!

We have the following events scheduled thus far...


4/21/15 - Washington DC- Jewish Community Center

4/30/15 - First Baptist Church of Glenarden

6/4/15 - Long Island - Webinar

7/23/15 - Baltimore County Public Library Owings Mills Branch

8/14/15 - Georgia - Webinar

We are also going to participate in the PCOS Challenge conferences in Philadelphia on 4/18/14, Los Angeles on 7/25/15 and Atlanta on 9/19/15.

You're not alone on this journey. Knowledge is POWER so please come join us and learn about how to OVERCOME infertility.