For information about additional grants that provide support for adoption or fertility treatment, please see below.  This information does not represent an endorsement of the organizations.

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Grants are often considered for financing family building.  That said, these should not be considered the only source of financing adoption or fertility treatment. They can’t provide support for everyone’s need and more often than not, don’t provide all of the costs.  Here are a few examples of grants.

Fertility Medication Grant / Discount Program

SERONO Compassionate Care Discount Program

FERRING Reproductive Health Heart + Program

Fertility Treatment Grants

Cade Foundation Family Building Grant

The application is currently online. There are 2 application deadlines per year- 2/1 and 7/1. 

The Tinina Q. Cade Foundation’s Family Building™ Grant provides up to $10,000 per funded family to help with costs of domestic adoption and medical fertility treatment. The only restrictions for applying are:

1) You MUST have a diagnosis of infertility from your doctor

2) You MUST be a legal permanent US resident

There are no age limitations or other restrictions currently. The grant is offered once per year, and the number of applications funded as well as the amount of funding depends on the success of the Cade Foundation’s fundraising activities (i.e. the more we raise, the more we can give away). To date, 55 families have been funded. All of our grants are Family Building Grants but we have a special pool of funds set aside for “Savannah Grants” which are only available to Shady Grove Fertility patients undergoing IVF.

ACG Scholarship Foundation  

AGC Scholarship Foundation is nonprofit group committed to providing both advocacy and financial support for those struggling with infertility in the United States.  The AGC Hope Scholarship will give couples who do not have the financial resources to pay for infertility treatments the opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming parents.

BabyQuest Foundation

BabyQuest Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to grant financial assistance to those who cannot afford infertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy. Applications are accepted from heterosexual, same sex couples, and singles.

The Family Formation Charitable Trust 

The American Academy of Adoption Attorney’s Family Formation Charitable Trust provides financial assistance to those individuals and nonprofit organizations seeking to build families through adoption and assisted reproductive technology.  Grants will range from $500.00 to $2,000.00.  Application submission deadlines are September 1 and March 1 of each year.  The application process is open to individuals, or couples, seeking to build their family through adoption or assisted reproduction.  At least one prospective parent in a relationship will be required to be a United States citizen. There is a $25 application fee, payable by check.

Journey to Parenthood

Journey to Parenthood helps couples and individuals dealing with infertility achieve their dreams of becoming parents by providing financial and emotional support along their journey, as well as to provide education and resources.  Grants awarded are up to $10,000.

Adoption Grants 

National Adoption Foundation  Financial Programs 

Grants ranging from $500 to $4,000 are available to prospective adoptive parents four times a year. Most experts agree that one of the principal barriers to adoption is the expense. Using private funds and a partnership with the corporate community, The Foundation offers aid to families for expenses associated with the adoption and raising of children through Direct Grants provided by The Foundation, our Adoption Credit Card, 529 college savings plans and Unsecured Loans. 

Gift of Adoption Fund 

Grants ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 are available monthly to families adopting children with serious medical issues and for low-income families. 

Help Us Adopt.ORG reduces the financial burden of adoption for families by awarding large, life-changing, problem-solving grants up to $15,000.

Show Hope

 Show Hope was originally called Shaohannah’s Hope in honor the founder’s daughter. The founders are Contemporary Christian music star  Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth. This grant organization has quite a few eligibility criteria including that the applicants be married, Christian couples adopting through a nonprofit agency.

Fertility Preservation Grants 

Banking on the Future

Banking on the Future is a program within the nonprofit organization, Fertility Within Reach.  They provide funds to cover the initial storage fees to preserve reproductive cells of cancer patients, prior to cancer treatment.   They have negotiated a significant discounted rate for patients to pay in subsequent years.  Banking on the Future serves individuals up to the age 21.  Applications are available online, powered by DocuSign.                 

Fertile Action

Fertile Action’s Parenthood After Cancer Treatment (PACT) Grant provides financial support for female cancer survivors. It is not a cash award.  It significantly reduces the cost of IVF, egg donation and surrogacy for cancer survivors through fertility specialists who have agreed to offer their services at a discount or donate their services to the grantee.               

Sharing Hope Financial Assistance Program              

Financial assistance is available to couples in need of fertility preservation before undergoing treatment for cancer. They are a part of the Fertile Hope organization.  They work with fertility clinics and companies to provide discounted treatment and medications. Eligible patients must make under $75k single/ $100k combined income, have an eligible cancer diagnosis and must not have already started fertility-reducing cancer treatments.               

Verna’s Purse               

The Verna’s Purse program provides significantly discounted long-term storage fees for qualified patients storing or transferring cryopreserved reproductive tissue specimens to one of ReproTech’s three facilities in Florida, Minnesota and Nevada.  Applications are ongoing.               

Support Groups               

Fertility for Colored Girls

RESOLVE- the National Infertility Association

RESOLVE of New England        

Discounts For Active Duty/Veteran Servicemen                  

Many fertility clinics are proud to support our active duty military and veterans by providing a special discount on fertility treatment.  Ask your clinic if they offer such discount program and learn whether you qualify. 
SART- This resource lists all of the fertility clinics that provide discounted rates to veterans and active duty members of the military. 

The Compassionate Corps Program EMD Serono provides free fertility medication to those who are eligible.  This includes: a retired member of the military or the spouse of one; a veteran or the spouse of a veteran who is: Infertile due to a service-related injury, not privately insured for infertility medications, medically retired, and have been diagnosed by a physician as infertile and requiring IVF*/ART.  The medication is available to patients whose fertility clinic is participating in the program.  You can access the application and learn more about the program on their website.

Shady Grove Fertility

Shady Grove Fertility's Military Discount Program offers active U.S. military and reservists a 25 percent discount off of qualifying self-pay rates. To receive the military discount, present your U.S. military identification card at the time of the initial consultation.

HRC Fertility 

In appreciation for the men and women who serve our country and keep us safe, HRC Fertility offers IVF discounts to active duty military and veterans. 


Tricare covers infertility treatments, including IVF, for some service members with service-connected infertility while they are on active duty. Retirees covered by TRICARE, including those medically retired, are not covered for anything except the standard infertility services outlined in the attached fact sheet – they are not covered for IVF.  Congress passed a law in 2016 allowing the VA to cover IVF for service-connected infertility. The VA is in the process of developing that policy:

The Bob Woodruff Foundation
The Bob Woodruff Foundation has established a fund to help cover unreimbursed costs associated with reproductive treatment for injured service members and veterans with service-connected infertility.

Veterans Administration 

Women Veteran Call Center
1-855 VA Women  (1-855-829-6636)

Adoption Benefits from Work               

2014 Adoption Benefits Guide

Information about non-cash adoption benefits for federal employees

If you are in military, you also can request an adoption grant or loan from your employer. Active full-time military personnel can be eligible for a one-time subsidy for adoption. Please note that reimbursement can be made if the adoption is facilitated by a state adoption agency or a private non-profit agency and only after the adoption is completed.               

State Non-Recurring Expense Subsidy               

See if your state of residence provides subsidies for special needs adoption from abroad. You can also ask your home study representative or a social worker about possible credits given by your state.

University Adoption Assistance Programs               

Harvard University as well as many others host an Adoption Benefits Program. Adoption assistance is available for eligible university employees, and your request does not have to be based on a financial need.  If you are a University employee- check with your HR office for additional information.  

Community Fundraising

Fill their arms               

Fill Their Arms, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3), tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. We rely heavily upon the generous donations of our patrons to continue our mission of educating the public and aiding infertile couples in their efforts toward attaining parenthood. We are a charitable organization whose endeavor is to eliminate the economic hardship that infertility brings. We edify and empower infertile couples by providing to them a means to recruit sponsors, inform and educate their support system as to their personal challenges and needs, and to invite financial support toward their efforts in attaining parenthood.                   

Give Forward   provides free online fundraising pages allowing friends and family to raise money directly for a loved one when they need it the most. Set up a page in minutes, share it with friends and instantly create a community of support.      

Take a second job               

Something so simple as a second job can result and a huge boost in the money you have to put towards family building.  As an example- let’s say both a husband and a wife take second jobs that pay $10 per hour and they each work 10 hrs per week at those jobs.  Over the course of one month- each would generate an additional $400 ($800 total) and over the course of 1 year- they would generate an additional $9600- approximately the cost of one IVF cycle.               

Ask Family and Friends for help

Infertility is a condition people are often reluctant to share out of embarrassment or shame. That said, if your family and close friends know that you are struggling and that you have a financial need to help build your family, they may be willing to give to support the cause. Creating a letter that shares your struggle and desire to have children and your request for support may motivate them to give a cash gift to you in stead of holiday presents or another gift they may provide throughout the year.

Other Resources

The Glow Fertility Program provides patients with a personal fertility coach as well as savings on egg-freezing and fertility treatment at reputed clinics.

Fertility Within Reach

Fertility Within Reach offers step-by-step instructions on how to advocate for access to family building benefits, including infertility treatment through legislative outreach, insurance appeals, and contacting employer human resource departments.

Parents Via Egg Donation

One stop information clearinghouse for all things related to Egg and Embryo donation.

Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

SART fertility clinic success race (by state and fertility clinic)