The reason for The Broken Brown Egg

Growing up, I used to get in trouble a LOT for my mouth. For talking too much. For talking after being told to be quiet. For saying things to adults that I had no business saying, (if I felt that they were wrong). I wouldn't say that I had a problem with authority, but if I felt like something was wrong, I HAD to say something, regardless of who I may have to say it to.

Some things you just don't grow out of.

When I first began to realize that infertility was affecting people I cared about, I remember being so sad for them. Seeing so many struggle, I was curious as to why I'd never heard about infertility before in my community. Like many others, I'd always thought that for African-American women, we had more trouble with NOT getting pregnant. The more I started to research, and the more I began to look into it, I realized that infertility didn't care about race or economic status. Infertility could happen to anyone. And two years into my own marriage, infertility was happening to ME.

I became vocal about infertility because I just kept thinking, if it's 7.3 Million people, and 1 in 8 couples, then why do I have to be ashamed and quiet? I refused to let PCOS or infertility bully me into silence. From that frustration, The Broken Brown Egg was created.

Being a minority inside of a minority is one of the loneliest places. I wanted others to know that they weren't alone, and that they didn't have to be silent and shrouded about their journey. Through my blog, and its social media pages and support group, I try to provide an avenue for being heard. I want to empower others by saying those things they wish they could say about infertility, but for whatever reasons, haven't. I hope to provide them with courage and inspiration through directness and humor wherever I can, so that they'll get the confidence and support they need to move forward.

My journey is not yet over, but even when I make it to the other side, I just can't see myself shutting up about this. I hope along the way, that I'll get even more voices to join me.