The Rainbow

your supporters: This weekend used to be the most dreadful for me... I remember feeling so sad and lonely and just overall compacted by fear. Fear that Mothers day would never mean anything to me. Looking back now, and having the ability this year, for the very first time, to actually have Mothers Day apply to me, I realize, I was a mother all along. All of the women who are working hard to build their families are Mothers already. They are taking extra special care in how they live now, how they eat, what they do and how they think and pray... they are dreaming of how they will kiss and hug their little ones and working with their partners to imagine parenting together. This part of their journey is in some ways the most important part. I only know this now, after being down the daunting childless road. I just wanted to impart to you and to everyone who is overcoming today, my advice about Mothers Day. You are already Mothers, you are becoming mothers as we speak. Everyone in the world who is wanting a child now, is part of the most powerful prayer of its kind. Many blessings to all of you in your journey and know that I am still praying for us all, Mothers and Mothers-to-be. G-ds time, ya'll... YOU WILL OVERCOME!

Miracle/Rainbow baby 2 arrived Jan 11 #alwaysovercoming #ivf