Pathways and Progress in Fertility Conference

  • 30 May to 30 May 2019
  • University of Richmond Student Commons, 28 Westhampton Way, University of Richmond, VA

Pathways and Progress in Fertility Conference

The Future of Family Building Conference is a virtual conference that will share about the future of infertility diagnosis and treatment and family building supports.  Attendees will learn about the following:

The ways use of genetics will change infertility diagnosis and treatment

The future of adoption, mental health support, legal support and the future of complimentary medical support 

Financing family building

Advocacy and legislation

Nonprofit and support leader training


Who should attend? 

Patients with infertility who want information about different ways to become a parent

Health Care Providers

Nonprofit and support organization leaders


About the Conference: All registrants will attend virtually and will participate in the opening session which will include a presentation by a local celebrity about the future of infertility and followed by a panel of local experts who will share about the future of adoption, mental health and legal services for family building.  


Conference Program: 

Thursday May 30, 2019

08:00-08:55 Plenary Session

Topic: The Future of Family Building Keynote followed by Family Building Expert Panel (legal, mental health, adoption)

Keynote Speaker- Dr Michael Edelstein, Shady Grove Fertility

Expert Panel- Erica Mindes PhD (Mental Health Provider) Nadine Marsh Carter Esq(Children's Home Society of VA), Meryl Rosenberg JD (Invited)

9-9:55am- Genetics Carrier Screening and PreImplantation Genetic Screening

 Presenters: Cengiz Cinnioglu PhD(Igenomix, Executive Lab Director),  Summer Pierson (Counsyl,)


Increasing Access to Care Tract (Non Profits and Service Organizations)

10-10:30 am- Improving Access to Care- How to Reach More

Presenters: Eve Feinberg, MD (Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University)- Presentation delivered by Dr Camille Hammond, CEO, Tinina Q Cade Foundation

*Discussion about barriers to fertility care, barriers to insurance and lack of medical coverage and solutions 

*Discussion about Social Cultural and Geographic Barriers to Care

*Racial and Ethnic Disparities

10:30-11:30am- Infrastructure Development and Fundraising 

Presenters: Barbara Collura (CEO, RESOLVE) and Chrissy Thornton (Executive Director, Crohn's and Colitis Foundation) 

11:30-noon- Supports for Families OVERCOMING infertility 

*Financing Family Building


Presenting Sponsor: Shady Grove Fertility

Bronze:  Drs Ronald and Tinina Cade     Drs Jason and Camille Hammond    EMD Serono  Igenomix



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