Coffee with Cade

  • 05 March to 03 December 2018

Are you ready for a coffee break? Don’t forget to add a cup of Cade! Join us every month for Coffee with Cade, our monthly interview series delivered to you on Facebook and Instagram through LIVESTREAM. This interactive 30 minute show features host Dr. Camille Hammond, CEO of the Cade Foundation, and invited guests from a variety of backgrounds who discuss various family and fertility related topics.  Be sure to tune in and send in your questions or comments during the show. Mark your calendar for our upcoming shows!

2018 Schedule:  

1/8/18 @ 7pm :-  
Sexual Dysfunction and Infertility with guest Diane Dallap from Medstar National Rehabilitation Hospital



2/5/18 @7pm :- Infertility in the African American Community with guest and Cade Foundation grant recipient Miesha Suber

2/5/18 @7pm :- Infertility in the Latino Community (en Espanol) with guest Dr Santiago Padilla (Fertility Center of MD)


3/5/18@7pm :-  The Brothas: Men and Infertility- featuring guests Dr Jason Hammond and Mr Kenton Bontrager

3/19/18 @noon The Mens Room: Male Factor Infertility featuring guest Urologist Dr Cori Tanrikut (Shady Grove Fertility) 


4/2/18@12pm :-  Faith and Fertility featuring guests Ministers Beverly and Skip Little (First Baptist Church of Glenarden)

4/23/18 from 5p-7p at the Georgia Grance Cafe in Ellicott City, MD - Faith and Fertility Open Mic



5/7/18@7pm :- How to handle Mothers day and Fathers day when you are struggling with infertility

5/21/18 :Coffee with Cade (Family Building Grant and Other Grants for Fertility Treatment and Adoption) Camille Hammond (Cade Foundation)

6/4/18@7pm :- 
Fertility and Infertility In The Animal Kingdom

6/18/18 @ 12pm :Adoption- Public, Private, Domestic, International  Transcultural featuring special guest Olubimni Akinkuowo (Bethany Christian Adoption)


7/2/18@12pm :-  Can I Borrow Some Eggs? Donor Gametes and Infertility featuring special guests Aisha Lewis and Gianna Gulston from the California Cryobank and Donor Egg Bank USA. 

7/16/18 @noon :-  Fibroids featuring special guest Dr Chantel Washington (Johns Hopkins Medical Institution)



8/6/2018 @noon :Embryo Donation

8/20/18 @ 12pm :-  Access to Care (ASRM)- Developing Charities and Service Groups that support infertile families- featuring Dr Eve Feinberg (Northwestern Medicine Fertility and Reproductive Medicine ) and Sean Tipton (American Society of Reproductive Medicine)



9/10/18@7pm : -  Wine Beer Coffee and Infertility-featuring special guest Dr. Ramie Hinckley from the Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area 

9/12/18 @6pm :- Pathways to Parenthood at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden (Glenarden, MD)

9/17/18 at noon :- Genetic Screening



10/1/18@7pm :-  Cancer and Infertility, Fertility Preservation - Kara Adams?



11/12/18@7pm :- Ooomm- Yoga/Acupuncture/Nutrition Personal Goals & Infertility featuring special guest Rada Drapatskaya Fertility Acupuncturist



12/3/18@7pm :- Coffee with Cade (Back to Basics: What is infertility and why do some people get it?)

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