Dr. Stephen Greenhouse GRANT

Dr. Stephen Greenhouse Grant – Exclusively for Shady Grove Fertility Patients 

In 2018, the physicians, staff, and patients of Shady Grove Fertility established the Dr. Stephen Greenhouse Grant through the Tinina Q. Cade Foundation. This grant, specifically designated for a Shady Grove Fertility patient, is held to honor the memory and legacy of Dr. Stephen Greenhouse, a SGF physician and leader who died in an accident in July of 2018. Among the reasons this honor is so fitting is because anyone who had the privilege of knowing Dr. Greenhouse knows how endlessly and tirelessly he devoted his life’s work to the benefit of his patients, particularly in supporting them through the challenges that come with pursuing treatment. He would happy that part of his legacy was dedicated to supporting the needs of patients with infertility long into the future. Dr. Greenhouse was a strong supporter of the Tinina Q  Cade Foundation and attended many Cade Foundation events with his family over the years. 

How to apply for a grant: For applicants interested in the Dr. Stephen Greenhouse Grant, there is no need to fill out any additional paperwork. This grant is restricted to Shady Grove Fertility patients and therefore all Shady Grove Fertility applicants are automatically entered into the consideration pool for both general Cade Foundation Family Building Grants as well as the Family Building Grant restricted for Dr. Stephen Greenhouse Grant.

What will the grant cover? Two grants will be awarded in 2019 (one in the SPRING cycle and one in the FALL cycle.) Each awardee will receive one IVF cycle. The grant award cannot be used for any other service or treatment.  MDR Pharmacy has also agreed to donate all of the medications that recipients will need for the cycles. 

To make a donation: To make a contribution that will support this grant please visit the Dr Stephen Greenhouse Grant fundraising site. 

In Memoriam

Dr. Stephen Greenhouse passed away Saturday July 28, 2018. He is survived by his wife Robyn, and his three sons, Ryan, Tyler, and Dylan.

Dr. Greenhouse will be remembered at SGF and in the Washington, D.C. medical community by the thousands of lives he touched in both small and large ways. His passion for medicine and for his patients was a driving force behind his professional life. His patients appreciated his expertise and loved him for his generosity of time and attention during a difficult period in their lives. His SGF family has known him as a kind and humorous leader, who always put the well-being of his patients and the staff first. He was a tireless supporter of the SGF practice culture, demonstrating a commitment to patient care with words and actions. Behind the scenes, Dr. Greenhouse helped to manage two of the most demanding aspects of the SGF practice: maintaining a patient-friendly business office and risk management. He always resolved issues in departments with fairness and grace.

On a personal level, Dr. Greenhouse was a dedicated father, husband, son, and brother. He had many friends and was always ready to share a story from the last family bike trip or other vacation, or the latest book he read. He was also a quiet, but involved philanthropist, working to advance the causes he and his family valued.

Dr. Greenhouse is dearly missed by his family, friends, colleagues, and patients. 

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